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'[PIC]: Simultaneous Interrupts'
2000\06\09@163725 by Martin SchŠfer

Sorry to post on this old theme. But what you suggested, Scott, seems not to
be only a little trick to shorten the processing time. Sometime it is
crucial. If two interrupts flags are set - and you want only one interrupt
to trigger the ISR - AND you have interrupt routines for both interrupts,
you have to ask, if the interrupt enable flag AND the corresponding
interrupt flag are set.

To avoid problems I always use your code to determine which interrupt source
has triggerd the ISR:

         btfsc   intcon,t0ie
          btfss  intcon,t0if
           goto  check_intb0
               goto    handle_tmr0_int
           btfsc       intcon,inte
            btfss      intcon,intf
             goto      check_tmr1
               goto    handle_intb0_int


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