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'[PIC]: Serial comms Simulator'
2002\01\06@053920 by John De Villiers


Im in the process of trying to code a plugin for misim DE that does serial
( Receive ) comms. Transmit will come later, have to get my head around java

Anyways, I can never remeber the polarity issue.

When i use a pic ( 16f84 ) to talk rs232 via a max232 or similar level
translator, does my "1" bit have to be ttl high or ttl low ?  I know the
serial line uses high for 0 and low for 1 and idle is 0 ( high line states )
and start is 1 ( low line state )

Also, besides actually catching the transmitted bytes and displaying them
what other "features" should i add to the plugin?

I was thinking of :

1) Checking the pluse lenghts to check for possible overruns
2) Baud rate to be wholy user settable, even allowing rates that a PC cannot
do )
3) Parity checking
4) Option to look for 9-bit addresses
5) Option to select transmission via max 232 type or "direct drive"
6) Any Speed Processor

Any ideas / comments ?

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2002\01\06@101337 by Scott Dattalo

On Sun, 6 Jan 2002, John De Villiers wrote:

{Quote hidden}

I've written a module to do this for gpsim:

It's written in C++ instead of Java, but it might can serve as a starting
point. Check out the source in gpsim's CVS repository:

Unlike other gpsim modules, the usart module lacks a gui interface. As a
consequence it's somewhat difficult to use. For example, the bit streams
are dumped in ascii art (__--_-__-) and the byte streams are dumped as raw
hex. However, I've used it to actually debug the gpsim usart simulation


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