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'[PIC]: Scroll down an LCD'
2001\01\28@062509 by Jose S. Samonte Jr.

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Good day to all!
Is it possible to scroll down an LCD?
Thank you very much.

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2001\01\28@133506 by dre Domingos F. Souza

>Good day to all!
>Is it possible to scroll down an LCD?
>Thank you very much.

       It depends on the kind of LCD you are using. If you are using a GRAPH LCD it's easy. But an alphanumeric...

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       All the best!!!
       Alexandre Souza
       Linux User #85093

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'[PIC]: Scroll down an LCD'
2001\02\05@170821 by Gennette, Bruce
Yes - as long as you are willing to calculate the new positions for the
charactors to go to (*REAL* simple actually).

The displays are made up of 'lines' which are a maximum of 20 chars long.  A
4 x 40 char display actually has 8 'lines' on it arranged something like -

D1L1    D1L3
D1L2    D1L4
D2L1    D2L3
D2L2    D2L4

Note that there are multiple Display controllers putting chars onto multiple
Lines on the one physical display.  You need to map out your display (by
writing each of the strings above to 0x20 chars apart) on the 2 displays
(toggle the 2 select lines to swap displays).  Once you have the logical map
for your particular display layout the rest is easy.

Each physical 20 char 'line' actually has about 32 memory locations that can
be scrolled horizontally across the physical space.  If you lock the
horizontal scrolling and synchronize the logical and physical display
positions (home) it is possible to map your message in software and then
poke the chars into the desired positions (the displays have commands for
this that execute in about 30us per char - very fast).


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