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'[PIC]: Reading serial data with 16F84'
2002\09\04@161754 by Eric Wade

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This question deals with programming the 16F84 in C code.

I am new to the PIC microcontroller. I have done some simple introductory
level programs (i.e. flashing leds...). I have also checked the archives
and a number of references, but still have not been able to find specific
examples of how to read a serial data stream.

Specifically, I need to read in a serial "data stream", which is just a
sequence of ones (5V) and zeros (0V). (The data stream is generated by the
analog output of a PC DAQ board).  The reading should be triggered by the
leading edge of the data stream. The data must then be stored in a buffer.
Based on the order and values of these bits, I need to be able to output
various voltage levels from some of the RB ports. It would be nice to be
able to read the data into the RA4 to take advantage of the schmitt
trigger, this is not critical.

Can someone give me a good reference, or help me with the code to read and
buffer the input data?

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2002\09\04@191640 by Clayton Mellina

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       Perhaps you should used another chip that has a hardware USART so you don't
have to bit-bang (if the C compiler you are using does not have serial
routines built in).  Take a look at the 16f628.

       Here is a website that has a bit-banging routine for the 16f84:

However, I don't know if this is any help because it is in assembly.

Good luck!

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