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'[PIC]: Re: Comments in MPLAB'
2002\06\19@135535 by Karl Seibert

Quoting Pic Dude <spam_OUTpicdudeTakeThisOuTspamAVN-TECH.COM>:
> Is there any way to comment out a block of code in MPLAB, w/o
> dropping a semi-colon on every single line?  Could not find an
> answer to this in the MPLAB users' guide.

Look up Conditional Assembly Directives.  You can do the following:
IF 0
      unwanted code


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2002\06\19@143110 by Pic Dude

I just tried the macro definition wrapped around the
code to be commented out (as suggested by Wooter), and
it did the trick -- it did not compile this piece since
it was not called.



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