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'[PIC]: RE: [jallist] nmea repeater (fwd)'
2001\04\26@074236 by Vasile Surducan

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Date: Thu, 26 Apr 2001 16:44:40 +0930
From: "Johnson, Stuart (ENet)" <>
To: "''" <>
Subject: RE: [jallist] nmea repeater

I am a new user of jal and have limited experience with pic programming.
I am building a lcd nmea/gps repeater for my boat. I have connected the
serial output from the gps to the pic via jserial, but am unsure how to
interpret the input (4800baud 1 stop no parity).  The nmea sentences are as
follows (this repeats every few seconds):

$PGRMM,WGS 84*06

The sentence I am interested in is:


this translates to, longitude = 38 degrees 51.334 minutes North
and latitude = 94 degrees 47.941 minutes west. This is what I want to send
to the lcd.

my first attempt at reading the serial data was to look for "L" and then
read the subsequent bytes and send them to the lcd.

can anyone help with some code examples of how they have used jserial?


Stuart Johnson

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