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'[PIC]: Project Idea :- Water Mixer Controller(T'
2001\05\01@231658 by klpauba

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What about fluidics?

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2001\05\02@125922 by Lawrence Lile

Oh, man, I fantasize about making one of these every time I take a shower.
You can buy them from Koehler, I think.  I've got the whole design planned
out in my head.

Coupla servos hooked up to a pair of water valves, a little temperature
sensor, and a waterproof interface that's the same size as a 4 x 4 wall
tile, just grout it in.  Remembers the last temperature setting you set, and
the water temperature doesn't swing all over the place when your spouse
rinses a few breakfast dishes in the other room.  Up/Down button the only
user inputs.  (they can turn the shower on with a conventional valve.)  3
digit LCD display.

Would you need a small tank, to help mix the water and keep the thing from
hunting for a temperature setting?  Maybe one of those little mixing fins
that fit inside a pipe, to mix the water good before it gets to the sensor?

When the water's off, would the thing try to open the hot valve all the way,
as it's tank cooled off and it helplessly tries to keep the right
temperature when there's no water flow?  Maybe that would be OK, since the
coolled water in the "hot" side pipe could not scald anyone anyway.

and on and on and on.  Anybody gonna build one?

-- Lawrence Lile

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2001\05\02@131003 by Bruce Smith

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You could monitor the temp of the cold and the temp of the hot
set the total gpm flow rate too the standard and do some cool math
to decide gpm flow of each hot and cold to achieve the proper temp.

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2001\05\02@140842 by Lawrence Lile

"Dale Botkin" <> Wrote:
> I have one -- I think it's a Moen.  With our water pressure at least it is
> something less than a stellar performer.  Nearbyb toilet flushes are
> still a character building experience.

Yeah, that's why I think the unit should have a little mixing tank, the
water temperature and pressure can change faster than the valves can keep
up, or else the valve controllers  are underdamped and swing around hunting
for the setpoint.  A little mass in the system would help compensate for

3/4" pipes to your bathroom also helps this problem a lot.  Mine are all

-- Lawrence

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2001\05\02@140956 by Michael C. Reid

There are a number of these devices available in the home automation and
building industry.  I saw one a few months ago at the National Home Builders
show.  They are expensive as they have to be certified by UL and approved
for building codes.  The one I remember had a very simple design, with a
small circuit board and a sensor mounted where the water mixed.  It had an
LED display for temperature, and  a membrane keypad with UP, Down, and I
think one or two memory buttons for recalling temperatures. I do not
remember what type of controllable valve it had for water mixing, but I was
impressed with the simplicity of the design.  I don't think it was made by
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