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'[PIC]: Programming Woes PIC16F877'
2000\10\26@110528 by Michael Rigby-Jones

Dang...forgot the header....

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2000\10\30@031904 by Michael Rigby-Jones

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Having found our ICD, I connected it up, and it programmed the device
perfectly.  I wasn't convinced but a verify confirmed it.  So then I
reconnected it to the Promate and tried to read it.  All the program data
came back as 0x0FF (not even 0x3FF).  The device programmed with the ICD
worked perfectly.  The Promate continues to work fine with other parts, it's
just these few devices it will not program or read.  I have checked out the
ICSP cable and it's fine.  The FAE is down in a couple of days so I'll let
him figure it out!


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