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'[PIC]: Problems with the oscilator, Please Help!'
2003\02\19@081931 by Agent0013

I have gotten the pic to work finally. I brought it into the lab and
used an o-scope to check for oscilation and somehow the o-scope caused
it to run, but it wouldn't run while not connected. After switching the
capacitors with some other values I was finally able to get it to run.

I believe the caps were the wrong values.

Thanks to everyone who suggested solutions. This piclist has always been
a great help for solutions and ideas. I am very thankful to all of the
active posters. Keep up the good work.


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2003\02\21@012613 by ards, Justin P

Reminds me of a board I built and tested then worked on some time later.

It would not fire up but each time I would check with a logic probe of cro it would show me everthing was ok.

Turned out to be a poor solder joint that I was masking every time I pressed the probe against it. Spent days and days on this.

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