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'[PIC]: PICs and iButtons?'
2003\08\14@141802 by Denny Esterline

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Has anyone done any data logging with a PIC and an iButton? I'm thinking the
DS1994 with internal battery backed 4kbit ram and RTC would be great for
this application.

Anybody have any thoughts or experiences with this?


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2003\08\14@145316 by Mauricio Jancic

I'm just developing one app with ds1971 and PIC16f628A. Works great, no
problems yet...

Mauricio Jancic
Janso Desarrollos
Microchip Consultant
(54) - 11 - 4542 - 3519

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2003\08\14@162056 by Mike Hord

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Take a look at Circuit Cellar #140, March of 2002.  There's an article
about making a PIC-based iButton Reader in there.  At the very least,
it'll give you a good starting place.

Mike H.

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