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'[PIC]: PIC to LCD (PIC16C92X or AYO438).'
2003\04\18@164407 by Steve Kosmerchock

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I need to interface a seven segment LCD (LUMEX # LCD-S401C71TR ) to a MCU. I was debating on either using a PIC16C92X part or a smaller PIC and use a AY0438 segment driver for the LCD. The AY0438 datasheet has a pin labeled "BACKPLANE" (BP), yet the LCD has nothing like this, could someone tell me what that does. Also, when using the PIC16C92X, anyone have any "gotchas" that might bite me? Has anybody used these parts and had problems with either of them? This is newer territory to me, I would appreciate any advice I could get on this subject.



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2003\04\18@193439 by Ian Forse


The company I work for have a 4 digit display using the AY0438 (look for
DDM4 at for some info on datasheet including how
to drive the COLON.  The backplane will be connected to COM on the LCD.  I
wrote some software a while ago and found this device to be very easy to use



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