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'[PIC]: PIC based IDE interface'
2002\01\06@141700 by Dwayne Reid

Good day to all.

A member of the Basic Stamps list has been working on an IDE interface for
the past several months and has recently ported it over to the '877.

He just posted the link for the schematics and code.

From the message he posted to the Stamps list, it sounds like he was not
aware of the PICLIST.  I've taken the liberty of inviting him to join us.


A copy of his post to the Stamps list follows:

All the low-level RAM and IDE access routines are finished and on my site
along with an updated schematic.
Since this is becoming more PIC related and less Stamp related, are there
any PIC groups around that anyone would recommend?
Once this project is finished, it will become Stamp-related again.  All of
my recent efforts have gone into developing PICDOS.  Eventually, it will be
a simple 2-wire I2C peripheral for hard drive access with FAT16/32
capability.  Right now, I'm focusing on FAT16, but once it is operational,
those routines can be easily modified to support FAT32.
Also, I'm working on a more permanent hardware arrangement.  Does anyone
know where I can get a few prototype boards made for a reasonable fee?  The
only place I've found so far is that Jeremy
referenced on his site:


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