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PICList Thread
2002\06\26@172727 by Lyle Hazelwood

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Sent: Wednesday, June 26, 2002 1:54 PM

> Hello Friends,
>      I am planning on working on a project that involves a pic 16F84
> controlling ultrabright LEDS. I know these leds require more voltage (
> and I assume more current). Do you have any advise on how to appraoch
> the PIC/LEDS interface? Off course, I'd be using the I/O pins of ports
> A and B. Thanks for any suggestions. Vic
Depends on the the implementation.
Will each pin be driving a single LED, or will
they be arranged in a matrix?
What are the current and forward voltage
ratings for these LED's?
Are you running the LED's off a +5Volt supply,
or some other voltage?
Is there the possibility that ALL LED's will be
lit at once, or will only one at a time be lit?
Will the LED's be full-on, or modulated?
If modulated, what is the approximate
duty cycle and frequency?
How many LED's, and would you prefer
discrete transistors or packaged drivers?

Is there a data sheet for these LED's, and
have you read it?
Is there a data sheet for the PIC16F84, and have
you read it?
Is there a good reason to use a 16F84, and not
a more capable, more current, less expensive
What is the current life expectancy of the question
mark key on my keyboard?

Also, please arrange the topic line as described at the bottom of this
I fixed this one.
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