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'[PIC]: On-chip comparators as schmitt triggers'
2001\12\13@043153 by Andrew Crosland


I want to use a comparator in an F628 in mode 6 with comparator outputs
available off-chip. I intend to use the usual resistor network to add
hysteresis to the comparator and use it as a schmitt trigger.

Has anyone done this?

Any problems in using the on-chip comparators in this mode?

Will the PIC I/O on the comparator affect the calculations for hysteresis?


Andrew Crosland

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2001\12\13@051014 by Vasile Surducan

I think that using hysteresis on any comparator is almost every time
necessary. Comparator have a large offset, about  20mV, is a pour one.
I dont see any reason to not work. Internal port resistence can't affect
too much the hysteresis computation. Large hysteresis, small errors.


On Thu, 13 Dec 2001, Andrew Crosland wrote:

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