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PICList Thread
'[PIC]: New release: PicEm 1.7.2'
2001\09\25@165103 by Russell McMahon

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I'll take the liberty of echoing this from the yahoo groups PICLIST in case
anyone here isn't getting that feed.




This in an announcement for PicEm, the Java based microcontroller simulator.
Version 1.7.2 has been released and is available for download or online
execution at:

At present, PicEm emulates various devices that can be connected to the
microcontroller, including LCD display, 7 segment display and so on.
Further devices are being added at the moment, and we're working on
pic '876 emulation (with on-chip peripherals!). The emulator also
includes a simple editor, macro assembler and disassembler, so it is
ideal for quick tests, online demonstrations, education and distance
learning. Not only that, but PicEm is an open source project, so
anyone can extend it, or contribute Plugins (emulated devices that
may be connected to the microcontroller).


Andy Toone

Email:        Tel: +44 780 1104989 (mobile)
Web:    Tel: +44 1223 510994 (home)

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