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'[PIC]: Microchip MPLAB-C17 problems ...'
2001\08\01@182842 by Andrew E. Kalman

I've taken the liberty of adding a subject tag.

>I'm using Microchip's C compiler C17 demo version and MPLAB for a
>PIC17C756A project, but there are too many bugs on this compiler
>(sometimes it forgets to change properly the BSR register, for
>example) and I would like to know if there is another commercial C
>compiler that I could just recompile all of the libraries that comes
>with C17 and continue to do my job with this new compiler at the
>point I'm stuck on.

Why would you want to "recompile all of the libraries that comes with
C17?" You don't have anything invested in the compiler (you're using
the demo, after all)...

There are several other PIC17 compilers, including:

       IAR PICmicroC
       CCS (don't know if it supports PIC17)

Most of them have demos (I know HI-TECH does, full-featured, just
time-limited), and they all have their own libraries -- you wouldn't
need to recompile anything other than your C code...


Andrew E. Kalman, Ph.D.

Salvo(TM), The RTOS that runs in tiny places(TM)
Pumpkin, Inc.
750 Naples Street
San Francisco, CA 94112
tel: (415) 584-6360
fax: (415) 585-7948

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  Andrew E. Kalman, Ph.D.

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