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'[PIC]: Microchip C - putrsUSART()'
2002\05\07@134829 by Barry Gershenfeld

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I'm not a PIC C UART specialist, but in general you get to specify
two things:  How many bits, and whether you want a parity bit.
Common sense would dictate that you either have 7bits+parity,
or 8bit+Noparity.  But in as much as these things are programmable,
you can also select other combinations.

If you specify parity, then you additionally select how you want
it generated.  If you select 8 bit characters, then the 8th bit should
reflect what you put into it.  Take a look at your characters
just before you put them to the UART and see if they have
that bit set.  ( do a  char & 0x7F to them if so. )


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