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'[PIC]: Memory paging (was: something else)'
2001\02\08@153452 by Drew Vassallo

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Happened to find this, thought it might help (well, it helped me anyways):

From the PIC16C872 datasheet:

"The PIC16CXXX architecture is capable of addressing
a continuous 8K word block of program memory. The
CALL and GOTO instructions provide 11 bits of the
address, which allows branches within any 2K program
memory page. Therefore, the 8K words of program
memory are broken into four pages. Since the
PIC16FC872 has only 2K words of program memory or
one page, additional code is not required to ensure that
the correct page is selected before a CALL or GOTO
instruction is executed. The PCLATH<4:3> bits should
always be maintained as zeros. If a return from a CALL
instruction (or interrupt) is executed, the entire 13-bit
PC is popped off the stack. Manipulation of the
PCLATH is not required for the return instructions."

Of course, if you're adjusting the PCL register directly and want to go to
another page, you have to adjust the PCLATH accordingly, which isn't
mentioned here.  It is, however, mentioned elsewhere on other datasheets.

Clears up several things.  Also prepares me for when I want to use an '877.
I *knew* this mailing list was good for something :)

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