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'[PIC]: MPLAB ASM if statement help'
2001\02\05@173951 by Mike Mansheim

Given the below, I would like to put the file if euro is 0
or put the file if euro is 1 or any other value.

The problem is the thing puts in with 1 but tries to
put both files if not zero and I get a dup label message.

   ifdef   EURO = 0

Bob already replied with the correct usage  (if EURO == 0).
Just thought I'd mention that "ifdef" tests whether a symbol
has been defined at all (e.g. with #define or equ), and doesn't
care about any value that may have been assigned.  So ifdef
could be used - you would just have to comment and uncomment
the definition of EURO.
By the way, wouldn't mpasm just kick "EURO = 0" used with ifdef
as an illegal label?

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