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'[PIC]: MPLAB 5.20 SIM problem'
2001\04\16@144302 by Vlad Borodavka

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I have a problem with asyncronous stimulus in MPLAB5.20:
I cannot stimulate pins with Asyncronous Stimulus Dialog.
Inputs are configured as inputs (appropriate bits of TRISs
are set) but there are no changes of state of PORTx.x in SFR
window. Meanwhile if I assign stimulus to MCLR it works
(program resets).
Is there bug of MPSIM or I forgot something?
I used MPLAB4 before and Asyncronous Stimulus worked well.
I have not found any meantion of such problem in release
notes of both MPLAB 5.20 and 5.30. Is there any tip/trick to
operate stimulus?

Vladyslav Borodavka.

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