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'[PIC]: MP-SIM / EEPROM write simulation strangenes'
2002\03\04@014621 by Mike Morris

I'm having a strange problem with MP-SIM  (MPLAB v5.50) and was wondering
if anyone else has experienced anything similar.  Specifically, my code
does a fair amount of writing to eeprom (in the 16F876 & '877) and in the
past, MP-SIM has simulated it perfectly.  Currently, when I execute the
code after launching MPLAB, writing to EEPROM works fine. However, if I
click the Reset Processor button, and restart the execution, or rebuild the
project, the EEPROM simulation stops functioning (nothing is written to
eeprom memory, though the same code is being executed). If I save the
project, quit MPLAB, and restart, then execute the program again,  EEPROM
writes work again. This problem occurs with more than one project, so it's
not specific to a single piece of code or project. I can't connect when the
problem began to any specific event. Code growing in size is the only thing
I can think of which might possibly be a factor.

Anyone else seen this?


- Mike

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2002\03\05@102541 by Carlos Ojea

Check if you switch banks correctly.

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