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'[PIC]: Lookup Tables'
2000\06\26@164337 by Tim Hamel

picon face

I just got a real quick question. I'm trying to emulate a keyboard but have
come to a stumbling point. I've come to the conclusion that different
computers initialize keyboards differently.

So the obvious solution I've come up with is a lookup table, meaning, check
the command received from the host PC and match it up with the appropriate
response. The thing I'm concerned about is the PC can send FFh, F0h, etc. Can
this be implemented into a table?

I'm hoping I can get it to where if the host PC sends say..FFh (keyboard
reset), I can look it up in the table and respond with FAh.

Much thanks in advance,

Tim Hamel

On a side note, I managed to get my domain up ( For right
now, it's just a mirror of the infamous PIC tutorial; I fixed it up so the
index is clickable :-)

'[PIC]: Lookup tables'
2002\10\29@073456 by Quentin
Hi Chris
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