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'[PIC]: Looking for web pages in Spanish for Microc'
2000\11\06@162158 by Dan Dickey

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De: Dan Dickey <>
Para: <>
Fecha: Lunes, 06 de Noviembre de 2000 04:05 p.m.
Asunto: [PIC]:

I am looking for any web pages with directions in a Spanish Language format concerning Microchip Pic microcontrollers.  I am in Lima, Peru and I need to find any documentation ASAP for one of my programmers,
Thanks and Regards.
Dan Dickey

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2000\11\07@020353 by Vasile Surducan

There is a spanish piclist if I remember well. Search the address at in august, september, octomber 2000
Surducan Vasile

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