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'[PIC]: Last call for PCB contest (this month)'
2002\03\31@224434 by James Newton, webmaster

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Last call for the PCB contest this month...

So far we have

- A digital o'scope using the Ubicom SX (PIC 16C57 clone)
processor, ADC 08831 serial A/D converter and PC EPP parallel
port from Alberto Geraci of BTX Sistemas

- a PIC16F628 based yard light timer that offers several features
not found in the basic mechanical ON/OFF timers commonly sold
with the transformers from Dale Botkin.

Please note: The current list prices for each of the boards is
not final and will undoubtedly drop in price. I was just covering
my butt.

I'll add links to vote tomorrow and tabulate the interest shown
over the next month. Winner will be declared at the end of April.

James Newton (webmaster, former admin #3)
1-619-652-0593 VM
1-208-279-8767 FAX

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