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'[PIC]: Japanese character conversions'
2001\10\26@140208 by Sandy Phelps

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Hi Folks,
Has anyone had experiance with exporting Windows
programs to run on a Japanese version of Windows?
I have a test fixture with a 16F877 and communicating
with the com port from a PC.
The controlling program is in Visual Basic. The
commands sent to the PIC are characters from 0 to 254.
The numbers set the RB port bits. It works OK using a
US version of Windows but on the Japan unit the bit
RB7 does not get set when character 129 and above is
sent. I think the Japanese version of Windows is not
interpreting the higher characters correcly.
I think they use something called DBCS (Double Wide
Character Set) which may causing the problem.
Thanks for any help.
Sandy Phelps

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2001\10\26@162333 by Paul Hutchinson

I think the problem may be do to Unicode characters. Many of the VB routines
have special versions for byte oriented operations vs. text operations to
help avoid Unicode problems. Check out the VB help for Unicode and functions
like "InputB" vs. "Input".

I recently was playing around with VB for WinCE and I seem to recall having
to change things around due to CE always using Unicode characters regardless
of the country it is shipped to.

Hope this helps,

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2001\10\27@181453 by M. Adam Davis

Yes, there are several things to watch out for.  I went through this
with the chinese version of windows.

Your first order of business:
Replace every string handling function with the byte handling functions
wherever you are processing data instead of strings.
Change every occurance of mid or mid$ to midb, same with leftb, rightb,
and every other string handling function
Chang comm control to binary
Referring to string arrays as byte arrays
"This is NOT an array of bytes, it is an array of characters, which
could be single or double byte"
(this one was a pain!)

There are some knowledge base articles out there about it.  Do a lot of
searching on the internet about DBCS.  You don't really have to worry
much about unicode or other variations, since windows uses DBCS and
anything you do with DBCS will still work with unicode on NT, etc.

I hope this helps!


Sandy Phelps wrote:

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2001\10\28@195703 by Salah Mohammed

Hi Sandy,
  I am using the Japanese windows 2000 and I did the same program ........I
wrote a user interface in VB communicating with the PIC 16F877 and
displaying the chars. to both the user interface and to the LCD connected to
the PIC ....... there was no problem in displaying the chars. but there was
a problem in the baud rate of the RS-232 ......if u like I can send u both
the user interface and the PIC program(written in C )....

Salah Mohammed,
Hugle-Electronics,Development section,

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2001\10\28@211931 by Sandy Phelps

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Thanks Adam,
I think that is what I'm looking for. It looks like a
lot of work and to test the results requires Japanese
Windows setup.
Thanks to Salah - I'm not sure that your application
uses characters over ascii 128.

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