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'[PIC]: Is assembly-language code upward compatible'
2005\08\06@143152 by John Nall

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I'm ready to test out programming my first dsPIC30F3013 to see if the
programmer works.  I have the source (assembly language) for a test
program for a dsPIC30F2010 handy, and the easiest path would be to just
use it (with the proper instructions for MPLAB, of course, to say that I
am assembling it for a 3013 instead of a 2010).  So far as I can tell
thus far, that should work.  The instruction set appears to be the same
-- the 3013 just has more bells and whistles.  I'm busily RTFM'ing to
see what problems may exist, but it would be nice if someone already
knows the answer and would just tell me.  Not that I don't like to read
datasheets -- I really enjoy it!  But life is short. :-)


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