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PICList Thread
'[PIC]: IDE HDD information'
2000\11\22@080531 by Omar Martinez

Hi, Greg...

I have some information about interface to HDD:
1) AT Attachment Interface (X3T10 Spec) in ASCII format (Size 187 Kb.)
This standard defines an integrated bus interface between disk drives and
host processors.  It provides a common point of attachment for systems
manufacturers, system integrators, and suppliers of intelligent peripherals.
2) X3T10/0948D Spec. (At attchment interface with extensions (ATA-2) in .PDF
format (Size 339 Kb.)
3) T13/1321D Spec  (Information technology AT attachment with Packet
Interface - 5 (ATA/ATAPI-5)) in .Doc format (Big one!!, 6.99 Mb).
4) One document in ASCII file (obtained from the internent a few years ago)
that try to implement an interface between an 8-bit Data-Bus microprocessor
(like Z80) and a HDD, using an old chip 8255A PIA and a couple of inverters
(Diagrams in ASCII format).

If you or anybody are interesting, i will send that files....

PD: I didn't realize an interface like this, because I don't have enought
time to do it... I just start to recompile information on it.

Saludos a todos!!!

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2000\11\22@133423 by Paul Reilly

picon face
> I have some information about interface to HDD:
> If you or anybody are interesting, i will send that files....

These would be very interesting references to have. Please send them to
the list or put them on a website where we could download them.
Perhaps they could be put on the PICLIST website?


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2000\11\22@150326 by jamesnewton

face picon face
As far as I can see, all the items Omar offers are either already at
or linked to from there (like the ATA specs at
) or copyrighted and for sale at ANSI (
as per the links from

And it appears to me that the older ATA stuff (which you wouldn't want to
use anyway since it has been superceded) is the stuff that ANSI wants you to
buy. Unless I'm missing something there...

And there is a bunch more stuff already at the drives.htm page
that wasn't mentioned.

But thanks anyway...

James Newton (PICList Admin #3) 1-619-652-0593
PIC/PICList FAQ: or .org

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2000\11\23@064129 by tung

Hi, Mr. Omar Martinez ...

I'm looking this information to access CDROM drive. Please compress it to be
zip file before sending.

UnTung <>

{Original Message removed}

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