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'[PIC]: ICD and data EEPROM'
2008\04\10@163750 by Sean Breheny

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Hi all,

I've been looking for this answer and am having some trouble trying to
find it. Someone here probably knows off the top of his head:

On an 18F6627, can I use either the Microchip ICD-2 or the CCS ICD to
read data EEPROM during program execution without totally stopping the
execution? (it is ok if it borrows some cycles) I want to do this
because I have a system wherein a circuit with an 18F6627 in it talks
with an external device via 4800 bps serial. The external device
writes data to various locations in the 18F6627's data EEPROM (via
code on the 18F6627). I would like to be able to determine what gets
written to each location and how it changes as I do things on the
external device (it is an industrial battery charger).

As a second question, can either of these two ICDs write data to the
data EEPROM without erasing the entire thing? In other words, in this
case, I don't need to write the data EEPROM during program execution,
but I'd like to be able to just change a few of the values in it and
then re-start the program from the beginning, preserving the rest of
the data in the EEPROM.



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