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'[PIC]: IC-Prog and eeprom programming'
2003\03\02@181409 by Vincent Blok


I am using ic-prog to upload my hex file to my 16F877a with a JDM programmer. The thing is that every time i reload my hex file it reads in the program code and seems to read in the eeprom as all 0xFF's. Then when i burn the chip my old eeprom settings are all ereased! Is there a way to prevent this from happening so that only my program code will be burnt and the eeprom is left unchanged?

Second i would like to know if there is a way (maybe with a shortcut key i am not aware of) to do a integrated "reload and burn" which reloads the last hex file and burns it again because now i have to select my file again to have it's contents updated in icprog and then hit "burn". This is not a real problem, i was just wondering if it is possible?


Vincent Blok
The Netherlands

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