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'[PIC]: How do I use indiect referrencing using pic'
2000\07\06@222015 by Mathew Cohen

Hi All,

Can someone enlighten on how to indirectly referrence a pin/input or output
Take no notice of the application it is just so you can figure out what I am
trying to achieve.
input1    var    portb.1
input2    var    portb.2
input2    var    portb.3
led1    var    porta.1
led2    var    porta.2
led3    var    porta.3
temp    var    byte

   If     temp < 3    then
    temp = temp +1
    temp = 1

   If  ( input+temp ) then        'I don't know what the syntax for the
referrencing. Is it possible ????
    High    led+temp
    Low    led+temp

Thanks in Advance

Mathew Cohen

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2000\07\07@132238 by Timothy Box


Since led1, input1 can only be a 1 or 0, so you can only check it for those

   If  ( input+temp ) then

should read

    If input1 = 1 and input 2 = 0 then

or if you are checking both for the same state

    If input1 and input 2 = 1 then

Hope that helps

PS it's probably quicker if you look in the manual.

Tim Box

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