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'[PIC]: Help...16f628 and P16Pro'
2001\11\19@012142 by Josh Koffman

Hi all. Please excuse the language and grammar, it's late here, and I've
been working on this too long. Here is my problem. I can't get my f628
to do anything. Nothing. Not my good program, or a quickly thrown
together "set the outputs high" short test program I threw together. I
am using a 20Mhz tin can ttl oscilator. I think the problem may lie with
my programmer. I am using the P16pro with the P16Pro DOS software. When
I downloaded the version of the software off the website
(, it didn't have 16f628 support. But you can add
extra Pics simply by editing a file as shown on the website. The example
file they give on the site has a listing for the f628 so I just copied
that, and used that as my devices.ini file. It seemed to work ok, I was
now able to select the f628 as the target device. The problem is, it
still didn't bring up the option for the external ttl clock, which frees
up the oscout pin. This is what I need. So I set the clock to HS and
didn't click on the clkout radio button. I have no idea if that was
right. Anyway, the device seems to program ok, but I can't get anything
working on it. If I have a ttl clock going into oscin, and the cathode
of an led on the oscout pin, and the chip is set to HS, will it still
work? I think the oscillator is running, so it seems as if it's a
problem with the pic.

Please help...I'm desparate! (and tired)



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