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'[PIC]: Flashing LED In Practise - Oops'
2002\07\23@154206 by Kieren Johnstone

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In case anyone wanted pins...

1 = MCLR/Vpp
2 = RA0/AN0
11 = Vdd
12 = Vss
31 = Vss
32 = Vdd
36 = RB3/PGM
39 = RB6/PGC
40 = RB7/PGD

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2002\07\23@220154 by Richard Mellina

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       I see from your schematic that you are using Low Voltage Programming. I am
not familiar with the F877, but your problem may be that the processor is
not entering programming mode. You have three AA cells providing 4.5V, but
this is cutting it close. The processor needs between 4.5 and 5.5 volts to
enter programming mode. If I were you I would provide it with 5V somehow.
Perhaps 4 AA cells which gives 6V and a voltage drop. I hope this helps you
get it working. Good luck!

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