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'[PIC]: Flash vs EEPROM'
2000\09\24@230928 by Donald L Burdette

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AFAIK, there's a difference in the architecture of the memory cells in
Flash and EEPROM.  While semanticly Flash IS EEPROM, in practice there's
a difference.  At one time, Flash was erasable only in large blocks,
while EEPROM was erasable cell by cell (or at least byte by byte).  This
difference was dictated by the architectural differences, and the need
for highly compact designs.  If you recall, Flash has always been
available in much larger memory sizes.

Now, whether you consider it a good thing or bad, Flash blocks are
getting so small and EEPROM memory sizes are getting so big that the
practical difference is vanishing.  I think I even saw a byte-erasable
flash chip some time ago.

If it were up to me, (which unfortunately it's not,) the manufacturers
would use the following distinction:  EEPROM is byte-erasible, while
Flash is erased in only blocks of two or more bytes.

My $0.02


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