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'[PIC]: FCC licensing of low-power transmitter'
2002\09\19@011700 by John Patrick

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Looking back in the archives, I've found quite a bit of
information on what unintentional radiators need licensing
and which don't.  However, I've been asked to develop a
product that will need to radiate intentionally, as it
needs to use (several) low-power transmitters to transmit
small amounts of data between 3 (and up) units.  Of course,
the data sent and received will be controlled by a PIC,
probably a 12[CF] series.  We're talking 3-5 bytes of
data being sent, and most often sent every 5-10 minutes.
The goal is a (low-quantity) production run (20-30 sets
of units, each set being 3+ individual units), so I don't
think I can get away without some sort of certification.

I'm perusing the FCC rules (love the website, Harold!),
but am wondering if anyone on the list has had to design
and qualify a low-power transmitter.

To get an idea of what I'm doing, I just need 100-200'
line-of-sight in a (possibly) RF-rough environment:
a theatre stage (think all those spotlights, wireless
mikes, etc).

If anyone has any personal experience to share, I'd
appreciate it, including any recommendations/warnings
about certain RF transceivers available for embedded

John Patrick -- N9OU
Team Saber Competitive Robotics

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2002\09\19@164826 by Harold M Hallikainen

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       You might look at apnotes from Microchip on their RF-PIC and from Micrel
on their QuikRadio. There should be a fair amount of info on what's
required to get through FCC certification. In addition, there are RF
modules that carry certification with them to the end product they are
mounted in.


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Lighting control for theatre and television at

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