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'[PIC]: Entry point to start developing with PICs.'
2002\08\21@200756 by Mike Singer

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"... Whoever said "two minds is better than one" must have been billing for the time, not paying for it..."
                                    Olin Lathrop

I can't agree with Olin fully. I think, lack of organization of the PICList doesn't mean that PIC-gurus can't organize themselves.  As for me I even do not dream of being listed among them, since I'm entry-level PIC user without wide PIC experience (I dislike "newbie" or "beginner" words).
Being new to free-market rules, I'd suggest interests of all sides: Gurus, Piclist and entry-level developers should be taken into account:
1. Anyone on the globe willing to start with PICs should have
  possibilities to start with blank PIC, few very cheap &    common parts, simplest home-made PCB and Internet.
  As example - my scheme " Yet another burner on the block"    posted on 26 May: two 74 chips, one ICL232, few transistors,
  resistors and capacitors - totally few bucks. Anyone can
  use it, if find it useful.
   Can handle all ICSP pins from RS-232. Can be programmatically
  switched from programming mode to normal serial mode.     Correctly handles timings under Windows due to advanced    loop-backs.
  Shows to an application PCB only 6 lines(+ current supply    lines). Works rather slow (approx 50 locations/s), but may    be used to download boot-loader, then the boot-loader will    do the rest at 115K.     With PIC18XXXX even with the slow programming speed one    could feel comfortably, since 18X when programmed allows to    jump to desired location without incrementing.(Little    changes to code may be performed quickly).
   Ideally, one willing to start with PICs, could go even    to Internet-café, attach to PC newly made PCB over this
  programmer, go to PICList site, click some button, then
  programmer should be tested and code should be downloaded    to the app PCB's PIC.
2.  I do not think this will hurt Gurus' sales. Anyway they
  might be involved to the project and get benefit of it.
  A lot of work here: boot loader, debugger, compiler,
  MPLAB compatibility if needed, etc.
   I'm not joking: I'd prefer, but do not insist on, all    MPLAB things in VBA (MS Excel for example). We could put    this code then into any VBA host: Corel Draw & PhotoPaint,    Autocad etc if needed. All compilers, debuggers,    programmers in VBA, open as Linux. I realize there are    some issues, not to be publicly discussed, that is why    this was not more then only my suggestions.


James Newton wrote:
"... But the
depth and breadth of experience, ideas, and design direction
offered by the PICList combined with the lack of organization is
unlikly to produce anything as well tested and proven as Tony
Nixon's learning tools or Myke's books or Wouters boot loader or
JAL or Scott Dattalos work on porting SDCC for the PIC or Fred
Maher's excellent Bike Computer tutorial or Roman Black (and
others) excellent answers to question on this list..."

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