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PICList Thread
'[PIC]: Eagle Help'
2001\12\19@155549 by Tal Bejerano - AMC

Hi All

How should I set the eagle program to auto route only one-side pcb and not
double-sided pcb? I can't find any command for that and I cannot etch



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2001\12\19@191740 by phil

Click on the auto route button on the left.  Under the GENERAL tab,
Preferred Directions make the unusable layer "N/A" (not available) and
the other "*" (any direction.)

 There is also a new group that is specifically for Eagle users  Under that the newsgroups are

 They are a great resource for question, and answers, about the Eagle


Tal Bejerano - AMC wrote:
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2001\12\20@092202 by Lawrence Lile

There are some autorouter control files specifically made to produce a
single sided board.  I use two different ones - one that just produces
traces on the bottom side, and the other that produces bottom traces, but
forces the top traces to be short and straight, creating "links" which then
can be installed using wires.

You load a *.ctl file into the autorouter and then can customize it a little
to meet your needs.  I end up saving several versions before I find one that
really hits the spot.

Look around the Eagle user forum for one-side *.ctl files first - if you
come up dry then ask again here.

-- Lawrence Lile

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2001\12\21@020604 by Anand Dhuru

Follow these: Tools - Auto - General - Preferred Directions


Anand Dhuru

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2001\12\26@105211 by Lawrence Lile

Here is the page for general Eagle files such as control files

And here is the page for ULP's

The Paradigm of the Eagle program is a flexible, user reconfiguraabe
program, and so you need a few extras besides the out-of-box components.

1. BOM2.ulp   generates BOMs

2. Drillplan2_0.ulp  Makes a drill plan

3. smash_all.ulp   Smashes all part names so you can move name independently
from part

4. DXFblack.ulp   Generates DXF output for port to AutoCad  (OLD file
DXF.ULP also good)

5. 1layer.ctl  one layer control file

THere are a hundred others, from ORCAD translators to SPICE programs that
cooperate with Eagle.  I haven't tried most of them.  If you are not using
ULP's and downmloaded control files, you haven't used EAGLE yet.

-- Lawrence Lile

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'[PIC]: Eagle Help'
2002\01\04@102321 by Sean Alcorn - Avion Sydney
on 5/1/02 1:55 AM, Lawrence Lile at .....llileKILLspamspam.....TOASTMASTER.COM wrote:


Good tutorial, I learnt a thing or two myself. Never used the drill-plan.ulp

However, I am curious why you run auto-dim and then the drill-cfg.ulp

I simply have added a process to my CAM files, chosen the Gerber-Drill
driver (in your case, you would simply choose the Excellon driver), choose
the output file name for your drill file, and it gets generated at the same
time when I output my Gerber files.

Wouldn't this save you a couple of steps?



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2002\01\07@095054 by Lawrence Lile

Good idea.
I use Auto_dim becuase it puts dimensions of my board on a dimension layer,
so that would still be required.  I don't want to dimension my boards by
hand when there is an automatic tool for the job.

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