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PICList Thread
'[PIC]: EE Challenge <-- Clock Generation'
2000\11\09@143054 by Dan Michaels

LHIWA wrote:
>> Hi all, I am a beginner with this stuff and need to
>> get a little project up and running quickly... I want
>> to output two clock signals of variable frequency
>> using a PIC16C74A. Thanks....John
>What sort of clock signals are you looking for -
>Duty cycle - 50% ?
>How variable - continuously or fixed steps ?
>How often and how quickly do they need to change ?
>Do they vary together or independently ?
>Are they fractions of the main clock frequency ?
>What is the frequency range for each ?
>Would you change them digitally or analoguely ?

John must be playing hooky, but I need a clock generator
to meet the following reqs:

- controlled by PIC - for use in general-purpose uC testing
 [ie, to test uC firmware at various clock speeds and baudrates]
- speed of change not especially important - set and retain
- variable duty - at least 25%, 33%, 50%, 66%, 75%
- ok for 2 outputs to vary together - nice if one = inverse of other
- fraction of main clock ok, but need at least 4-8 Mhz
- freq range - 32khz to 4-8 Mhz - general range of uC operation
- controlled directly by PIC - ie, digitally, PWM ok

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