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'[PIC]: Compiler.....+ Java'
2001\06\29@035013 by D Lloyd

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I agree with the suggestions of a 'graphical' compiler. Something not
unlike Xilinx where you may visually design state machines but be able to
insert initialisation code etc "by hand." This method of abstract
simulation and "automatic documentation"  of systems is clearly a good way
to go but it does, of course, make the project far more ambitious than
writing a straight compiler.

What are people's views on Java becoming an embedded language? OK, the PIC
is not quite suitable for hosting a VM (unless one is built in!) but do
people think that with the integration of the Internet with embedded
products that Java will soon become the norm?


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On Thu, 28 Jun 2001, michael brown wrote:

> Patrick,
> I think that's an ambitious but great project.  Be forewarned that many
> will, in all probability, do their best to discourage you.  They will
> you that: you are wasting your time, open source is stupid, no one needs
> and any number of other discouraging statements.

 Not at all ! Michael have right. There are many compilers. But what if
an user don't like any one ? ( for example I hate C, that's why I'm
working in JAL, ( ) a sort of friendly pascal.
Some of my toys, in Jal, are at
If you want do to something really cool ( which probably will be
difficult) think to a graphic language as G or to the ancient logo ( with
turtle, remember ? ) There are a lot of hardware people which would love
to play with microcontrollers, why not in a way like Lab View does. Other
pic listers will point to picnpoke site. Ok, but this isn't free or open
project. An open project said a lot about what kind of person is the man
behind that project...
A good compiler has libraries for many devices, forget other
microcontrollers than flash types, thus you'll have fans which will write
libraries and verify your work.
I think you must try !

Sincerely yours, Vasile

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2001\06\30@004755 by jeethur

I agree with you D Loyd.
I had a look at Python a few months back. And It looked real good to me.
I think it it is even better than Java in some aspects.
There is a lot of hype surrounding Java and that is what keeps
Java floating around.

But I gotta tell one thing. Just because there is a lot of CPU power,
it does not mean that it must be wasted. I believe that ease of coding
has no point in the embedded world. So It'd be best to use the lowest level
language possible. Assembly works fine most of the time. When the project
gets a bit more complex a HLL like JAL or C would be ok. At the most, you
can go
upto C++(Not on PICs!). But using a 100 Mhz processor to run a tiny program
in Java(That too
not the full version of Java but a stripped down one) sounds ridiculous to

Jeethu Rao

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