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'[PIC]: Compiled HEX versus dumped HEX'
2000\05\25@143748 by Albert Noah


I have what will probably seem like a stupid question but here it goes:

I built a programmer ( and programmed
a 16F84 with the PP.EXE program. The programmer programmed the chip and then
verified it successfully. (Or so the software says).

I did a read on the chip and had it dump to a file. Below are a few lines of
the original and the dumped hex file starting at line 1 of each.

Original Hex

Saved Hex

The original hex lines 3 and 4 are the same as the saved hex lines 2 and 3
but the header? is different. Is this normal? If this is normal can I burn
the saved hex to a chip and it operate like the original hex?

The reason I ask is that I will be building this project this weekend but I
want to know if it is the chip or the circuit if I have problems.

I hate to bother you with such a simple question but I am new to pics and am
learning slowly.

Thanks to everyone for your tips and all the great information that comes
through the list.


2000\05\25@145418 by Damon Hopkins

Albert Noah wrote:
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not sure on the exactness but the hex file format uses some type of
doubling like everything is 2x or something like that.. I forget.. there
are alot of converters out their so you might want to check around...
probably in the techref stuff is a good place..

               Good luck hopefully someone else will speak up with more knowledge
than i have..

                       Damon Hopkins

2000\05\25@150247 by Jerry Merrill

<x-flowed>These are equivalent.
The first example skipped some blank locations.

The second example included the original FIRST line, the blank locations
and the original SECOND line all in one line.

Both versions are legal HEX.

At 01:39 PM 5/25/00, you wrote:
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Jerry Merrill
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2000\05\25@172357 by rleggitt

picon face
Each line specifies an address and some data to stick there. Typically an
assembler or linker will generate the file in the order of the definition
of various ROMable chunks, but what is dumped by a debugger or etc. will
be in linear address order.

Search for "Intel hex file format", or see

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