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'[PIC]: Bootloader'
2004\06\28@173936 by Paul James E.

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Can anyone access the following URL...
This is the site for the 'TINY Bootloader' the we use in our lab.
I wanted to go look for some information on this bootloader, but I keep
getting '404' errors.   Is this site no longer up and running?  Or is it
a problem on my end?  I know our corporate IT dept. has implemented some
new SPAM filtering software and some sort of software that lets them lock
out certain domains and countries, or some such.   Anyway, I was just
wondering whether it was at this end or is the site now down or defunct?

Please advise.   Thanks for the help.



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2004\06\28@182920 by Tom Smith

Nope...I get a DNS error. A web search turns up Tiny bootloader v.2.0 by
Eike Dehling from the Netherlands but he doesn't appear to have a webpage.


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