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'[PIC]: Basic question about input'
2003\08\07@181259 by Denny Esterline

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By the way,
Your original topic tag, "[PIC and OT]"  won't make it past most people's
inbox filters.
Good luck

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2003\08\08@021055 by Andreas Nyholm


This might or might not work for you depending if you really need to
monitor 12V, or if 0V and >5V is ok.

       _ 10k pullup
      | |
       |    diode
PIC ---------|>|----- Input 0 or 12V

When 12V (actually >5V or unconnected), PIC pin is 1, and when 0V PIC
pin is 0. Since you are using PORTB you can also use internal pullup.

Good luck!

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2003\08\08@103529 by Mike Hord

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I would also encourage you to put some sort of overvoltage protection in,
perhaps a diode or zener, or anything really, because it probably wouldn't
be too tough for the 12V input to go too high and pull that portb pin
up past the max input voltage.

Mike H.

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