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PICList Thread
'[PIC]: Archive?'
2001\07\04@105355 by Dan Michaels

Alexandre Souza wrote:
>>>        What happened to Ramsey?
>>This "exact" issue was discussed on piclist a few months ago.
>>You might search the archives because, as I recall, the resolution
>>of the situation was given there.
>        Thanks, but an easier way would say "what happened was blah blah
blah", since searching and reading a thread in the archives is a pain in the

Hi Alexander, actually I have to disagree with you. It is "extremely"
easy to search the actual piclist archives. Go to the archive page
shown below, scroll to the search window at the bottom, and enter
the search topic.

I just did this on "FCC crackdown" and came up with the thread
in question in approx 10 seconds. June 2000.

- dan michaels

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