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'[PIC]: Another Mplab bug...second one discovered t'
2001\02\01@065032 by o-8859-1?Q?K=FCbek_Tony?=

add this one to the list *mplab do not's*:
Info: target 18C452
The code snippet:

       TSTFSZ  i2c_State,A
       GOTO    $-2
generated this 'fun' output:

3FFE  664E  I2C_WA  TSTFSZ 0x4E                          
4000  EFFF  _I2C_M  GOTO 0x1FE                          
4002  F020  _I2C_M  (nop) 0x41FE                        

Yes I know a page boundary, but still
how come 0x4000 - 2 = 0x41FE ? fun...

two hours down the drain...


Tony Kübek, Flintab AB            

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