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'[PIC]: Adding Bluetooth to a PIC project'
2003\06\09@225251 by Mike Hord

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I've found a few companies that offer RS-232 or USB to Bluetooth boards,
but I'd really like one that goes from a PIC at 5V, preferably either at
high speed serial or parallel (in other words, I'd like to max out
data transfer rate).

Also, has anyone ever used Bluetooth in a very power sensitive app?  This
device will need to sit unused for days, weeks, or possibly months at a time
and then upload data to a user as quickly as possible.


Mike H.

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2003\06\10@005732 by Reggie Berdin

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Hi Mike,

Normally, bluetooth devices are designed for low power and battery operated.
I am using the CSR bluetooth  chipset (  It can work as
standalone (microcontroller/VM mode),  controlled thru serial HCI interface
(H4) or USB (H2).  It only consumes 500uA ACL connected on Sniff mode.  Deep
sleep mode consumes about 15uA.  Full speed ACL transfer rate at 720kbps
consumes 61mA, 15mA at 115.2Kbps.   The device power supply volage is only


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2003\06\10@011057 by Marc Nicholas

You honestly can see you PIC able to deliver 1Mbit/sec of useful data?

Plus, might be worth looking into ZigBee rather than Bluetooth...cheaper,
small enough stack to do natively, auto-configuring mesh topologies, etc.

In many ways, Bluetooth is dead...or rather was never born.


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