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'[PIC]: 64 bit FP math'
2002\12\26@140614 by Spehro Pefhany

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Hi, all, and a hearty reciprocation of the euchronic felicitations
that have been expressed herein.

I'm looking for FP math routines that are 64 bits minimum, and will
handle the basic four functions plus exponentials. ASM or
ANSI C is fine (I think I can find arbitrary precision FP math
routines in C, but not exponentials).

The link to Ken Webster's site that is on is dead, and
I can't find the information on his new web page.

I've surveyed a whole whack of C compilers for half a dozen different
processor families and have found little in the way of support for
real (meaning ISO/IEC compliant) "double" types. It's a one-off
project for a change, so I won't be shelling out for one of the
$$$ oddball compilers that does, though I might be willing to switch to
another processor to get the capability (Zilog Encore, for example),
which has a free or close-enuf compiler.

Thanks for any suggestions!

Best regards,

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