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'[PIC]: 16F873 PortC bit 5 revisited'
2002\04\02@165210 by Barry Gershenfeld

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If it were happening to me (similar stuff has) I would endeavor to
get that pin to float like it should.  Does it ever show high?
Can you hold the reset low and look (I'm told the pins float
during reset).   Then I would write even simpler code that
just tried to set that pin to input (repeatedly, if necessary).
Then work forward from that.

That should eliminate "bad parts" or special Microchip gotchas,

Try setting TRIS after you've set all the special port modes
(or turned them off as the case may be)

Try setting the whole port to input to eliminate interaction
with the LED's and the mix of in's and out's.

BTW It's always my fault, not the hardware.


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