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'[PIC]: 16C58A vs B changes?'
2001\08\27@151802 by Douglas Butler

Does anybody know an easy way to find out what changed between the
16C58A and the 16C58B?  The Microchip website does not seem to make such
comparisons easy.

Douglas Butler (aka Sherpa Doug)
Senior Engineer
Imetrix Inc.
1235 Route 28A
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Cataumet, MA 02534-0152
tel. (508) 564-6460
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2001\08\29@160219 by Douglas Butler

<Bump>... I am about to buy a bunch of chips and I want to make sure
nothing important has changed between the 16C58A and 16C58B.  I don't
want to have to scan 158 pages of datasheet!

Sherpa Doug

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