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PICList Thread
'[PIC]: Programming in C.'
2000\10\06@070552 by Andy Howard

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I've just started looking into ethernet and internet connections for some of
our devices and almost all the examples I come across are in C so it looks
like it's time for me to bite the bullet and teach myself some C
programming. I'm starting out from an engineering background with a fair
knowlege of using assembly on Z80 and PIC - but the only higher-level
language I've used before is BASIC.

Does anyone know of any not-too-expensive computer-based training for the C
language? Something that's embedded-oriented would be great, but almost
anything would do to get me jump-started. It doesn't have to be CBT but that
seems like a good way to learn programming and I know from previous threads
that books on C for embedded applications are uncommon.

I also know pretty much nothing about Computer Science and programming
theory so any pointers to a gentle beginner's guide to CS topics either in
book or electronic form would be welcome too.

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