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'[PIC]: Microchip Introductory Seminar'
2000\10\11@114104 by jamesnewton

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I wasn't very impressed with the one I attended as far as learning about how
to do things with a PIC. It was more like a long sales and "what's
available" and "what will be available" presentation than anything else. The
people running the show did nothing to try to foster some introductions
between the (presumably) local engineers attending the show and I even
overheard one of them say "...well, the PICList tends to be a bunch of
fringe (something) so I wouldn't..." or like that to one of the other
attendees after I went out of my way to introduce myself. Sales was very
much the point... and so why did they charge?

My local FAE was part of the show and did more to explain how to get
something done than anyone else. But he is "on the fringe" so I expected
that... <GRIN>

The only good reason I could see for attending was to get an ICD or ProPIC
II for a (very) reduced price, or if you were a non-PIC engineer and didn't
mind paying for a good overview / introduction to the PIC line.

Get an ICD and an '877. Read the piclist FAQ and ask questions on the list.
Locate and take a local PIC master engineer out for beer. He or she will
agree that it was money better spent...

James Newton (PICList Admin #3) 1-619-652-0593
PIC/PICList FAQ: or .org

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