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'[PIC]: From PIC16C61 TO PIC16F84A(Urgent)'
2001\07\07@105707 by ahmed samir

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**i'm trying to use a program that was originally written for pic16c61 on
the pic16f84 , the program memories doesnt exceed the 1k memory of the f84
chip ,i cant get it to work although the managed to get the oscilator

any ideas what could be causing the problem??
i've included the program i'm talking about
another question please , in the header file there is a like says:
;define assembler constants
  LIST P=16C61, N=45, w=2
what is ment by N=45 and w=2    ????

thanks :)

ps i had to remove the asm file coz it exceeds the limits of the mailing
list ,if someone can help me with it , i'll be glad to send it to him .

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